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The General Accountant Program at IH Beirut will prepare you for a career in company finance and bookkeeping.

The course is extensive and covers many different areas of the accounting world.  In particular you will :

⦁  Learn to manage accounting systems and bookkeeping for small to medium-sized companies. ⦁  Become familiar with Lebanese accounting principles.

Flexible learning

The course is flexible, broken down into 6 modules.

⦁  Students can choose to enroll in select modules or the entire program. ⦁  Students who successfully pass the following 6 listed modules are eligible for an  ⦁  official General Accountant certificate approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.

Accounting Schedule






Accounting I            
Learn the basic concepts of accounting and the accounting cycle; prepare profit and loss sheets, balance sheets, bank reconciliation statements and petty cash books.

Accounting II
24 hrs
Learn how to control accounts, track errors and prepare a trial balance. Gain skills to manage bad debits and provisions, prepaid and accrued expenses; depreciation of fixed assets, liquidity of a business.

Accounting III
24 hrs
Acquire a deeper understanding of accounting procedures, incomplete records, work in progress, manufacturing accounts, cash hour statements, social security and VAT.

Financial Math
24 hrs


This course is designed to clarify time-value-of-money calculations, through management, accounting, information systems, marketing and operations.

aw (Labor & Social Security)
24 hrs
Labor and NSSF laws enable workers, employers and employees to know their rights and duties regarding employment contracts/holidays/annual, maternity and sick leave/working hours/salary and wages/dismissal/health and safety/work organization/disputes and arbitral council/NSSF branches (indemnities, end of service.)
Excel Basic/Intermediate levels
See Computer Schedule


Course length and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

N.B: Students who know the prerequisite mentioned courses need to sit for a challenge exam.

Recommended Courses

Microsoft Windows and 202 English level

Additional fees apply

⦁  English Placement Test: 10,000L.L. ⦁  Assessment test fee: 12,000L.L. ⦁  Challenge test fee: $23 ⦁  Official Certificate Fee: $20