Accounting and Finance

The General Accountant Program at IH Beirut will prepare you for a finance, accounting and bookkeeping career.
The course is extensive and covers many different areas of the accounting world. In particular you will :
  • Learn to manage accounting systems and bookkeeping for small to medium-sized companies.
  • Become familiar with Lebanese accounting principles.

Flexible learning

The course is flexible, broken down into 6 modules.
  • Students can choose to enroll in selected modules or the entire program.
  • Students who successfully pass the following 6 listed modules are eligible for an official General Accountant certificate approved by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.

Accounting I 24hrsLearn the basic concepts of accounting and the accounting cycle. Prepare daily bookkeeping, trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet and petty cash book.
Accounting II24hrsAcquire a deeper understanding of the accounting procedures, incomplete records, work in progress, manufacturing accounts, social security and VAT.
Accounting III24hrsLearn how to control accounts, track errors, and adjust prepaid and accrued expenses and revenues. Review and prepare bank reconciliation statement. Gain skills to manage bad debts, provisions, depreciation of fixed assets as well as liquidity of a business.
Financial Math24hrsThis course is designed to clarify time-value of money calculations through management, accounting, information systems and operations.
Law (Labor & Social Security) 24hrsLabor and NSSF laws enable workers, employers and employees to know their rights and duties regarding employment contracts/holidays/annual, maternity and sick leave/working hours/salary and wages/dismissal/health and safety/work organization/disputes and arbitral council/NSSF branches (indemnities, end of service.)
Excel Basic/Intermediate levels20hrsIn this course, students will create and edit workbooks in a variety of formats, including text, numbers, formulas, and images. In addition, they will use some advanced functions to analyze and present data. After successfully completing this course, they will be able to use the strength of data analysis and presentation to make knowledgeable organizational decisions.

Acceptance Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Minimum English Level Pre-intermediate