Other Languages

International House Beirut offers language courses in Italian, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese.
Evening and private language courses can be taken at our modern and well-designed language centre in Sin el Fil.
Throughout the summer we also offer morning ‘introduction to…’ language courses, where you are able to get a taste for, and some basic skills in, a new language.

Flexible language courses

Our evening language courses are split into ability levels from complete beginner through to advanced. Each language level is divided into modules that are designed to follow smoothly on from each other to give a clear sense of progression.
Our language modules allow you to take language learning as far as you want to – from a single course to as many levels as you need.

Language classes at IH Beirut

Evening language classes at International House Beirut are dynamic and interactive. Your teacher speaks only in the language being taught and uses teaching aids to help you understand.
Emphasis is on spoken communication and interaction, supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.