General English Courses

Need to learn or improve your English for work, study, travel or simply making conversation with friends? A General English course at IH Beirut focuses on the English you need to communicate well in everyday situations.
With levels from pre-starter to proficiency, you can be sure that we have a class to suit you. To know your level, you should take our online placement test. This should be completed with a short face to face speaking test at our centre, at which point we will recommend a course of learning to suit your needs. Our English courses are taught at our state-of-the-art language school by skilled and experienced teaching staff. Our teachers are experts in motivating you to develop your skills and confidence.
We favour small classes with an average of 12-16 students per English class to ensure teachers can provide the support you need.
We offer morning, midday and evening English courses.
Morning 09.00 – 11.00
Midday 11.15 – 13.15
 Evening 17.15 – 19.15
 19.30 – 21.30
If you have a specific learning goal, you may wish to have your teacher all to yourself. To do this, you can book a one-to-one course at either a fixed or flexible time.